Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why I Wander

Strolling about the port city of Imabari earlier this week I stumbled upon this intriguing thatched bamboo fence:
Being the curious sort, I walked around its perimeter trying to peek in. On the north side I discovered its entrance:
Ducking inside and following the path, I found it to be an old tea arbor.
Walking over to the nijiriguchi, or small entrance door, I spied some literature resting under a cutely tied rock:
Reading it, I learned that the entire structure, originally constructed in 1582, had been transported from Kyōto by a wealthy man named Kōno from Tokyo as part of the city's new art museum in the 1970s.

Here's a view of the larger room where those taking tea could look out onto the garden:
Back out near the entrance is my favorite building, a little covered outdoor meeting place:
Notice the nice, continuous piece of rock as foot rest
 and the beautiful bamboo work at the corner of the bench:
Back outside, one nice final touch was the bamboo gate:
Unfortunately, I didn't have the temerity to take a picture of the old gardener taking care of the grounds who politely answered my questions.

I guess I need to go back. Now if only they'd let me sit down inside with a cup of tea....

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