Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We've Moved

Our new home is at Turnip. 


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  2. FUKUSHIMA - The catastrophe of a life time & the 1st of many IF we don't change our stand on nukes!

    We are God's children, & have the responsibility to take care of the gift of the earth, for our posterity.

    Dear Japanese Activists:

    My good friend & associate, Fred M. Davis, of Eagle Entertainment Group, has been talking about nuclear catastrophes for close to 30 years. He started GDR.org (Global Deactivation of Radiation)(take a look).It has several branches (including):
    He is in dire need of funding, as well as volunteers, especially in Japan. He is an inventor, among other things, & is good at thinking outside the box. Before the 3 reactors sunk, he had a plan to isolate them, but as we know, it is already too late. Many will be dying of cancer, more & more as time goes on. It is in the food chain, in the Pacific Ocean, & all over the northern hemisphere.

    I am a volunteer at the William Thomas Memorial Peace Vigil, across the street from the White House, in Washington DC, & friends with Global Zero.

    Contact me, Craig, at ctHSDP@gmail.com &or Fred at eaglegp@aol.com for more details.