Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So Close, The Outside

You seem to be missing, at least that's what you think they think. You're right here, though, waiting for them to return. You wonder why they've left their boots. Won't they need them where they are? Why so haphazard? What was the hurry? Won't they ever be coming back?

Patience, you sit there fingering your beads, as each new season heaves a fresh assault of something. The dark comforts you. Light makes you drowsy. It's so close, the outside. Still you cling to what you know. They could be coming back. You think you'll wait a little longer.


  1. Love the bare twigs and stalks through clouded (misty?) glass. Is this at home? I imagine the slow transition through green buds and blossom leading through to heavy summer growth.
    Green thoughts in green shade. Must get myself a conservatory or something similar.

  2. An abandoned house off a country road in an old Japanese mining town. I've imagined similar growth. I'll have to go back and check up on the poor place to see what creatures might be living there.