Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Under Surveillance
Growing up in a Roman Catholic household, the fact of God's ubiquity and hence ability to see what I was up to at all times and in all places, instilled in me a healthy dose of paranoia.

A smart trick, certainly, when a mere concept can deter someone from doing something. No need to spend lots of money on pesky priests peeking out from the confessional to see what their nasty boys are doing.

Smarter certainly than the Chinese who, with the help of good ole Cisco, are in the process of plastering the entire city of Chongqing with video surveillance cameras. 500, 000 of them to be exact. Fulan Gong is fucked.

But it's not much better in Manhattan, where Wall Street elite get to play God next to the NYPD's Jesus, spying on peaceful protestors, anarchists, antichrists, and just regular sick-of-it-all peeps who, I think, might have some conceptual smashing to do.

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