Monday, April 11, 2011

Still in Hiding

Echosquirrel and I went for second foray into the bamboo forest yesterday, this time to another location a little further, a little deeper in, but once again the shoots proved to be elusive.  Lots more evidence of wild boar, and, I think, humans too —but no take-no-ko. (First hunting failure here.)

We did find some active bee hives, and later some abandoned houses surrounded by beautifully constructed stone walls both being swallowed up by the forest. Oh, and some fuki (butterburr) which became breakfast this morning in an omelet, so the trip certainly wasn't worthless.

On the way back home, we bumped into a Japanese friend in the park and asked her if we were simply too late — but she said, no, there still should be shoots out there. Guess we're just unlucky, and perhaps too close to civilization.

We did go to out favorite ramen shop after the hunt where we were able to get a taste of the shoots in our soup.

But, not entirely satisfied, this morning I went to the market and bought some.

Both varieties are cheap and tasty, though the latter are already gone.

Here they are at home, together. Not sure how the real thing feels sitting next to his processed cousin — not to mention the fake bamboo flooring below.

But I suspect they'll be fine together.

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